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 goals and achievements

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PostSubject: goals and achievements   goals and achievements Icon_minitimeThu May 29, 2014 8:53 pm

hi there guys, gonna keep this sort and sweet, here are my goals:

red = below 60
yellow = 60
green = 99

80/99 str
72/99 def
78/99 hp
80/99 att
1/99 magic
1/99 range
60/99 pray
55/99 agil
9/99 herb
43/99 thiev
1/99 rc
n/a con
1/99 craft
1/99 fletch
64/99 slay
n/a sum
1/99 mine
1/99 smith
62/99 fish
63/99 cook
1/99 fm
64/99 wc
16/99 farm
n/a hunt

red = below 20mxp
blue = 20mxp
yellow = 50mxp
orange = 125mxp
green = 200mxp

200m xp in str
200m xp in att
200m xp in def
200m xp in hp
200m xp in range
200m xp in pray
200m xp in magic
200m xp in rc
200m xp in sum
200m xp in agil
200m xp in herb
200m xp in thiev
200m xp in craft
200m xp in fletch
200m xp in slay
200m xp in con
200m xp in mine
200m xp in smith
200m xp in fish
200m xp in cook
200m xp in fm
200m xp in wc
200m xp in farm
200m xp in hunt
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goals and achievements
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