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 Wolf V3nom's Application

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Wolf V3nom's Application Empty
PostSubject: Wolf V3nom's Application   Wolf V3nom's Application Icon_minitimeFri Dec 13, 2013 9:46 pm

Staff Spot you are Applying For:
Support or Moderator

Ive Been Playing AzideScape for 3 days Smile (well better than starting today.)

My ingame username
Wolf V3nom
My forum username
Wolf V3nom

Ive been staff on ArenaPVP, Gylpsm, Solitude, OnyxPk, EntityRSPS and many more i forgot its been ages lol.
If answered yes to above what server?

I think i deserve staff because im a caring person that helps people and i like to play rsps with the other players.

I Haven't got banned or muted.....

i can play like 10 hours on weekends and like maybe 1 hour on weekdays (i got school and everything sorry that its so low (not my fault + i got work.))

If people break the rules i play cheating baseball Very Happy there is no 3 strikes your out it's 2 and if they dont stop its ::mute if flaming then if keep flaming ::jai then ::ban if this keeps going on i only ban if i get the Owners permission.

i will not lie down and look at my crown or symbol i will be helping players training and on forums while advertising.
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Wolf V3nom's Application
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