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 Inflation in Azide

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Inflation in Azide  Empty
PostSubject: Inflation in Azide    Inflation in Azide  Icon_minitimeSun Jun 01, 2014 3:45 pm

At the moment items like fish, ore, bars, and potion can generate monstrous piles of cash.

If i were to spend a couple of hours at the rune ores i could mine out 3000 ores and sell them for over 20k each. Doing the math, that's 60M just randomly entering the server.

I recommend that we reduce the sell price of these items and all items that are easily obtainable from skills.

At the moment my super restore potions sell for 35k each. Why would i make any other potion? why would i bother tracking someone down if i can get a better price from the general store?

Sharks sell for around 9k. Why bother selling sharks to anyone?

This is not only making huge cash piles, thus increasing the price of all items, but it's also discouraging trade between players.

I don't have to, nor do i want to, sell fish, potions, ores, etc. to any other players because i can just simply sell these resources to the general store for a better price.
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Inflation in Azide
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